Whale Shark Mexico

Co-Exist is supporting Whale Shark Mexico in conducting their monitoring and conservation program of Whale Sharks and Manta Rays in the Gulf of California and Revillagigedo.

Co-Exist Projects are very excited to announce a new partnership with Whale Shark Mexico.

The project involves monitoring whale sharks by identifying individuals year after year which involves checking their gender and size to build a complete catalogue of the whale shark aggregations in several regions of the Gulf of California (La Paz, Bahia de Los Angeles, Revillagigedo, etc.)

This helps to understand the structure of these populations such as quantity of individuals identified, percentages of male and females, monitoring shark injuries, analysing fidelity and understanding connectivity between regions (sharks that are seen in both regions over time).

Thanks to all this information it is easier to understand more of their life such as where they aggregate and where they go but also the impact of humans on whale sharks. Both areas where whale sharks aggregate in La Paz and Bahia de Los Angles have now been protected and it is mainly thanks to the information that has been collected over the years.

How the support from Co-Exist will be used.

Support from Co-Exist involves supporting their field work as a lot of time is spent travelling the sea to collect data on whale sharks. Fuel, employing captains and boat maintenance costs all need funding support.

This will help to conduct further research of Whale Sharks and Manta Rays to aid in their conservation status and the creation of more marine protected areas for them to inhabit.

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