Ocean Hero Competition

Nominate your Ocean Hero.

The Ocean Hero Competition aims to identify and empower a dedicated individual who has been actively involved in marine conservation, research, or education, and has a genuine passion for making a positive impact.

So, who is an Ocean Hero and how will we support you?

Participants in the competition are requested to create a 100-second video showcasing their contributions to the world's oceans. We are seeking entries that demonstrate innovation, passion, and unwavering dedication.

The chosen winner will be awarded a week-long trip to a remote island, where they will have the opportunity to dive alongside scientists and conservationists. They will receive training in diving, similar to the benefits as offered in the past two years.

Our experienced team will collaborate closely with the winner to amplify their cause through promotional and marketing initiatives, facilitating real progress in their conservation efforts. Furthermore, guidance and support will be extended from our extensive network of scientists, ambassadors, and marine conservation professionals, as well as potential sponsorship opportunities, to aid in achieving their conservation goals.

More information on this incredible prize coming soon!

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