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CO-EXIST Projects

CO-EXIST creates awareness of the impacts of pollution and overfishing on the marine environment.

Through the sale of environmentally sustainable, eco-friendly merchandise we wish to promote the brand and the need to CO-EXIST in harmony with our oceans.

Profits from sales will be utilized to support marine conservation initiatives and organizations around the world.

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The CO-EXIST brand is known for eco-friendly, recycled and sustainable clothing and merchandise that highlights a variety of marine environmental issues.

CO-EXIST Projects

Our Values

  • CO-EXIST highlights the effects of plastic waste on the marine environment and to encourage people to live in harmony with our world's oceans.
  • CO-EXIST helps people understand the impacts humans have on the world's oceans and empowers them to take positive action.
  • CO-EXISTs products financially support marine conservation initiatives around the world.
  • CO-EXIST will be an accessible international supplier of environmentally produced / recycled ecological clothing.
  • CO-EXIST creates thought provoking, desirable and creative designs on quality environmental merchandise with an ocean-first mentality.
  • CO-EXIST ensures that every product we create can be recycled and reused when it reaches the end of its useful life.

Supporting our Oceans

Our planet needs clean oceans. The oceans give us life - the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat - but more than that, they give us a life worth living for!

Marine debris and plastics in particular have been described as some of the greatest environmental concerns of our times, along with climate change, ocean acidification and loss of biodiversity. It is estimated that if marine plastics pollution remains unabated, there will be more plastics in the oceans than fish by 2050 - that's only 30 years away!

Please consider purchasing our merchandise! All profits support marine conservation projects and engage more people to join the fight against marine debris!

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