Project 360

Co-Exist is supporting the improvement of access to terrestrial marine wonders of the Seychelles to marginalised communities, especially children and adults with physical disabilities.

Co-Exist Projects are extremely proud to announce a new partnership with Project 360.

The project offers the ability to provide incredible virtual reality terrestrial and marine experiences to individuals who would otherwise struggle to experience these in real life.

We are thrilled to support their innovative work to provide these experiences to marginalised communities.

How the support from Co-Exist will be used.

Co-Exist have provided a 360 GoPro, a drone mount and Virtual Reality headsets which will be able to produce amazing diving and hiking experiences for adults and children with physical disabilities.

We've been excited to support the creation of beautiful underwater explorations and stunning hiking adventures for marginalised communities who are unable to experience these in real life

Through positive mentorship opportunities, exploration, place-based education and engagement with the local community, participants grow and learn while building confidence and strong leadership skills.

The donation will help to create incredible and educational diving and hiking experiences as well as aiming to engage with stakeholders to identify a model for the inclusion of marginalised communities in nature conservation efforts and conversations.

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