Bimini Shark Labs

Co-Exist are supporting the Impacts of habitat destruction in a lemon shark nursery with their new partners, Bimini Shark Labs.

We're delighted to announce our partnership with Bimini Biological Field Station Foundation (BBFSF) and to support their amazing work.

Their mission is to advance knowledge of the biology of marine animals, especially the heavily impacted elasmobranch fish fauna (sharks and rays); to educate future scientists at undergraduate and graduate levels; and to disseminate our research results to advance the field of marine science and conservation biology, as well as raise public perception and awareness of sharks and other marine species.

How the support from Co-Exist will be used.

The funds provided by Co-Exist will be used to support ongoing BBFSF research studying the effects of habitat destruction in the Bimini lagoon, an important nursery ground for lemon sharks. We will use baited remote underwater video surveys to document the distribution of juvenile lemon sharks and their prey throughout the area. Funds from Co-Exist will be used to support the field expenses such as bait, equipment, and fuel.

Shark workups require a lot of equipment, and Bimini Shark Labs follow a checklist to ensure that nothing gets forgotten. Depending on the type of activity and method of capture, different tools are required but there are standard items that are always on board. This can include data books, tag readers, the workup kit, measuring tapes, and a GPS are some of these standard items.

Some equipment is needed to secure sharks by the side of the boat safely. This is packed carefully onto the boat to ensure easy access.

They also bring various anchors, lines, ropes, and tools so that we can be prepared for anything!

All of the amazing work that the team at Bimini Shark Labs put in takes time, people and resources; all of which the support from Co-Exist helps to sustain.

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