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Orcas Anatomical Grey T-Shirts


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In certain parts of the world, orcas are not finding enough food to eat. The higher up the food chain an animal is, the more contaminated it will be, with pollutants bio-accumulating in fatty tissues of the body. They are among the most contaminated marine mammals in the world! Read More

Our anatomical orca t-shirts highlight this problem and aims to spread awareness about this, and many other dangers, the animal faces. The cross-section reveals the scale of the pollutants an Orca will typically have in its system from the waste we discard both in the ocean and on the beaches.

Save Our Orcas has been established to help protect the world's orca population.

All of our illustrations have been hand-drawn and our t-shirts are ethically made, have absolutely no animal testing, use vegan inks and are shipped in plastic-free packaging.

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Product Specification

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Unisex T-Shirt, 150gsm
Straight-fit women's T-Shirt, 150gsm
Organic, soft combed, ring spun cotton T-Shirt
Ethically made
Absolutely no animal testing
Vegan inks
Shipped in plastic-free packaging

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The overproduction and overconsumption of single-use plastic have created a global crisis.

Plastic accounts for up to 90% of all marine debris.

Our mission at Save Our Seas is to develop an awareness through the sale of ethically sourced and environmentally friendly products. We need your help to spread the word and to ensure our oceans are conserved for future generations.

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