The Island School

Co-Exist is supporting the Reef Rescue Program with our new partners, the Cape Eleuthera Foundation.

Co-Exist Projects are extremely proud to announce a new partnership with The Island School.

The Island School offers transformative educational experiences in Eleuthera, The Bahamas and our partnership and donation will support their amazing work teaching young people a multitude of skills and how to care for the ocean.

We're excited to work alongside their research & innovation teams to raise awareness about their mission.

"We share the Coexist mission to help inspire the next generation to believe that they can make a difference and take care of our Ocean Planet"

How the support from Co-Exist will be used.

The Island School is eager to develop more local students from YMLP to Open Water and Reef Rescue divers. Through the support of Co-Exist, The Island School aims to build awareness and support for ocean conservation in their communities.

The main goal of the Bahamas Coral Innovation team is reversing the decline of Bahamian reefs, and to do so, they apply several restoration techniques while combining research with education.

Through positive mentorship opportunities, exploration, place-based education and engagement with the local community, participants grow and learn while building confidence and strong leadership skills.

The donation will help participants from YMLP successfully complete their PADI Reef Rescue Course certification to volunteer in the Reef Rescue Program and visit other nurseries sites.

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